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best rate guaranteed

Price from the official site is the cheapest and best.
To guarantee the best rate, the following conditions must be met.
  •  Same hotel

  •  Same stay date (arrival date / departure date)

  •  Same number of guests

  •  Equivalent room type

  •  Same stay time (check-in / check-out time)

  •  Same payment method

  •  Same cancellation conditions

  •  Same services and benefits (including amenities)

Not eligible for Best Rate Guarantee

In order to guarantee the best rate, the following cases will be excluded from comparison. Please be forewarned.​

  •  Charges that are not publicly announced, such as corporate contract accommodation charges.

  •  Pricing for specific membership organizations.

  •  Package fee that includes use of facilities other than accommodation, transportation, meals, etc.

  •  Fees that cannot be reserved on the WEB site, such as accepting reservations only by phone.

  •  Rates for discounts on points granted to booking sites, such as Rakuten Travel and Jalan, and benefits granted to cash vouchers, etc.

  •  Rates subject to upfront payment by coupon, voucher, credit card, etc.

  •  Fees that do not involve the hotel in the sales amount, such as sales by travel agencies (arranged travel etc.)

  •  Price of auction site (joint purchase site etc.)

  •  Fees that fluctuate depending on exchange rates

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